Imposing Discipline

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How should I correct a misbehaving kitty?

Imposing Discipline

Ensure your cat is well behaved by disciplining it as a kitten: if discipline is left until adulthood,
it will be a much more difficult task.
You should never try to discipline your cat using pain, or humiliation (rubbing it's nose in an accident).

One method of correcting behavior is with a spray bottle; one other is a gentle tap on the nose.



5/21/2007 7:36:01 PM
Dana said:

I also liked the tip about gently pressing your finger on the roof of your kittnes mout to stop it from biting.....this seemed to wrok. I have just got this kittne and it is all claws and fangs of playful ness right now. it is about 8 weeks old. I also have a 14 month old baby that does not need to be bitten and clawed by a playful kitten. I will defiantely get an spray bottle too.................this kitten is full of vigour and fight but so adorable when she cuddles up ans leeps on my lovable


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