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Where do tigers live?

Tiger-General Facts

Panthera Tigris
Size: Tigers are the largest living member of the cat family weighing 250-500 lb (110-225 kg), but may reach 800 lb (360 kg).
Two major subspecies exist: the Siberian (also called Manchurian) tiger, Panthera Tigris altaica
The Bengal tiger, Panthera Tigris Tigris
Location: They are found in all kinds of terrain, except desert; in southern and south-eastern Asia extending to north-eastern China and Siberia.
Coloring: orange-brown with long black stripes for the Bengal, and thick yellow fur with dark stripes on the Siberian. They are the only true striped wild cats.
Food: The diet is varied, ranging from deer and cattle to snakes and termites. Occasionally, carrion (decaying meat) is also eaten.

How fast can a lion run?

Hunting Skills

Hunting takes place in the evening and is primarily a female activity. The lion cautiously stalks its prey, similar to domestic cats. Once within close range, they sprint to catch the prey- reaching 30 miles per hour (50 km per hour). Lions use their great weight, and momentum from the chase to bring down their prey, which is then quickly dispatched with a bite to the throat. After the female has made a kill, the male comes to share the meat. A lion may gorge on 30 kg (66 lb) of meat and then go for over a week before the next kill.

What is a margay?

Margay/Tree Ocelot

Margay (tree ocelot)-General Facts
Felis (Leopardus) wiedii
Size: 9-18 lb (4-8kg)
Location: forests and scrubland of Central and South America and as far north as Southern Texas
Coloring: yellow-brown with black spots and stripes with a ringed tail

What does a lynx look like?

Lynx (northern lynx)- General Facts

Felis (Lynx) lynx
Size: 30-64 lb (13.5-29 kg) characterized by disproportionately long legs, large heavy paws, and short stubby tails. Lynx are powerfully built, stout-bodied animals, about 3 feet (90 cm) in maximum length.
Locations: They are found throughout the temperate and subarctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere.
Coloring and coat: thick, soft fur, light brown in color with spots. Most species have a tuft of hair, more than 2 cm long, at the tip of each ear.
Food: weaker mammals and terrestrial birds

Is a mountain cat different from a moutain lion?

Mountain Cat-General Facts

Felis (Oreailurus) jacobita
Size: 8-15 lb (3.5-7kg)
Location: Lives on open and forested slopes of the Andes from southern Peru to northwest Argentina.
Coloring: A longhaired brown-gray coat with dark spots and a ringed tail.

What is a serval?

Serval- General Facts

Felis (Leptailurus) serval
Size: 30-40 lb (13.5-18kg), with a slender body 4 ft (1 m) long and 20 inches (50 cm) high at the shoulder; a small head with long triangular ears, long legs and a short tail
Location: Algeria and Africa-south of the Sahara Desert- inhabiting grasslands and brush country of sub-Saharan Africa, but always near water.
Color: Buff-colored with black spots in rows down its back and legs
Food: small mammals, lizards, and birds, although it is powerful enough to kill young antelope.
It hunts by speed rather than stealth and climbs trees well.
When captured young, servals can be tamed but they are difficult to raise.

Where do jaguars live?

Jaguar-General Facts

Panthera onca
Size: 90-135 lb (40-135 kg) A mature jaguar is more than 7 ft (2 m) long and stands 2 ft (60 cm) high at the shoulder.
Location: inhabits tropical forests, as well as, open country from southern USA to Argentina.
Coat Color: yellow brown with spots clustered in rosettes each consisting of a circle of spots surrounding a central spot. They can also be solid dark brown.
Food: a wide range of arboreal (living in trees), terrestrial (ground dwelling), and aquatic (water) animals.

What is a jungle cat?

Jungle Cat –General Facts

Felis chaus
Size: 16-30 lb (7-13 kg)
Location: Found in Egypt and throughout southern Asia, living in woodland, scrub, reed beds, and near human settlements.
Coloring: Has a sandy-brown coat with some face and leg markings and a ringed tail.

Why are ocelots almost extinct?

Ocelot Tidbits

The ocelot, which somewhat resembles the domestic cat, are good climbers and hunt in forests at night for their food.
Two kittens are normally produced in a litter.
The animals have been hunted nearly to extinction for their pelts.

Where do you find ocelots?

General Facts

Felis (Leopardus) pardalis
Size: 12-30 lb (5.5-13.5kg), attains a body length of about about 36 inches (91 cm) and a tail length of about 18 inches (45 cm).
Location: found from Texas to Peru.
Colorings: The back of the animal is tinted with olive-tan or chestnut and is marked with black stripes and spots. The belly is usually white, marked with black.
Food: birds and small mammals.

How big is a cheetah?

Cheetah –General Facts

Acinonyx jubatus -The cheetah is the only member of the genus Acinonyx.
Size: 65-110 pounds (30-50 kg), the cheetah has about the same body weight as the leopard (110 to 130 lb/50 to 60 kg), but it has a longer body, much longer legs, and a smaller head. The head and body, without the tail, are about 4.5 feet (1.8 m) long.
Locations: Ranges from Africa through the Middle East to Southern Asia.
Coloring: The coat is a yellow brown with dark spots. The coat is yellowish-brown with black spots

Did caracals ever hunt for man?

Caracals: Trained hunters

In India and Iran caracals are sometimes tamed and used for hunting because of their speed and agility. They also go after nesting or roosting birds at the tops of trees and have been known to attack eagles.
The caracal has been overhunted but is now a protected species.

What is the largest cat in the lynx family?

Lynx Family-Canada lynx

Canada Lynx
The Canada lynx, L. canadensis, is found from the northern U.S. throughout Canada and Alaska. It is the largest species in North America, measuring 3 feet (90 cm) in total length, with a tail length of about 4 inches (10.2 cm).
The back is dark gray streaked with chestnut, and the belly is grayish-white.
The species feeds chiefly on snowshoe hares.

How big is a Siberian Tiger?

Siberian Tiger

The very rare Siberian tiger ranges as far north as the Arctic Circle. A big male measures 13 feet (4 m) long, including the tail, and weighs 700 lb (300 kg). The Siberian tiger has been declared endangered.

What other cats are members of the lynx family?

Other Members of the Lynx Family

The common European species- Lynx lynx.
The caracal - L. caracal- is found in Africa and southern Asia.

Is there a cat with webbed feet?

Fishing Cat- General Facts

Felis (Prionailurus) viverrina
Size: 12-18 lb (5.5-8 kg) has slightly webbed paws and claws that do not fully retract
Location: marshy areas, reed beds and swamps in southern and southeastern Asia
Colorings: light brown, spotted coat.
Thought to catch fish for food.

What is an Iriomote cat?

Iriomote cat –General Facts

Felis (Mayailurus) iromotensis
Size: 12lb (5.5kg)
Location: A very rare cat found only in forest and scrubland on the island of Iriomote, east of Taiwan. Discovered in 1964, there are thought to be less than 100.
Coloring: A spotted cat, similar to the leopard cat of which it may be a subspecies

What does a clouded leopard look like?

Clouded Leopard-General Facts

Clouded Leopard-General Facts
Panthera (Neofelis) nebulosa
Size: 40-66 lb (18-30 kg)
Location: inhabits dense forest and scrub (short dense vegetation) in southern and southeastern Asia.
Coat Color: pale brown with large blothces outlined in black. The blotches are not well defined spots or stripes as seen in other Great Cats.
The clouded leopard is the sole species of the genus Neofelis.

Where do Bengal tigers live?

Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger
The Bengal tiger, which is about 10 feet (3 m) long, including the tail, and usually weighs no more than about 500 lb (230 kg), is found on the mainland of southeastern Asia and in central and southern India. Its coat lies flatter than that of the Siberian tiger, the tawny color is richer, and the stripes are darker. The Bengal inhabits grassy or swampy areas and forests, where it is well camouflaged by its coloration

What is a kodkod?

Kodkod (huina)-General Facts

Felis (Oncifelis) guigna
Size: 4.5-7 lb (2-3 kg)
Location: Lives in wooded Andes foothils of Chile and Argentina.
Coloring: Gray with dark spots and ringed tail.

How many kits do pumas have?

Puma Tidbits

The Puma is largest of the Small Cats, and is the greatest jumping cat.
The female bears one to six young in a litter; the young have dark brown spots on the back, and the tail is ringed.
Because ranchers suspect them of killing cattle, the animals have been exterminated or are endangered in many areas.

What is an African Golden cat?

African Golden Cat –General Facts

Felis (Profelis) aruata
Size: 30-40 lb (13.5-18 kg)
Location: A rare cat of forest and dense scrubland in west and Central Africa.
Coloring: Coat varies from chestut brown to silver gray.

What is a leopard cat?

Leopard cat (Bengal cat)- General Facts

Felis (Prionailurus) bengalensis
Size: 7-15 lb (3-7kg)
Location: A common wild cat of southern and southeastern Asia, extending from India to the Philippines, Japan, Manchuria and eastern Siberia. Lives in forest and scrubland.
Coloring: A small spotted cat varying considerably in basic color depending on location.

What is a flat headed cat?

Flat Headed Cat-General Facts

Felis (Ictailurus) planiceps
Size: 12-18 lb (5.5-8kg) with a slightly flattened head
Location: an uncommon cat of forests and scrubland in southeastern Asia.
Coloring: plain reddish-brown

Is the cheetah an endangered species?

Endangered and/or Extinct

The cheetah was formerly trained and used for hunting in India, where it is now extinct-there are no more cheetahs in India.
In tropical Africa, where it lives on open plains, the cheetah is an endangered species.

How fast can cheetahs run?

Cheetahs: Fastest land animal

Over short distances it is the fastest ground animal on earth, being able to attain speeds up to 70 mph (112 km/hr).

What is a tiger cat?

Tiger cat (tiger ocelot) –General Facts

Felis (Leopardus) tirgrina
Size: 4.5-8 lb (2-3.5kg)
Location: forests and woodlands of Centeral America and northern South America
Coloring: a light brown with dark stripes and blotches, similar to the margay

What is a snow leopard?

Snow Leopard (ounce)-General Facts

Panthera unica
Size: 100-150 lb (45-70 kg) The snow leopard's body is about 4 feet (1.2 m) long, and the tail is about 35 inches (90 cm).
Location: Lives in forests and open rocky ground in the mountains of Central Asia. The animal's range extends as high as 18,000 feet (5400 m) in the summer, when the animals that are its prey migrate upward to graze on new grass.
Coloring: It has a thick layer of soft underfur covered by thick, long hair. The beautiful coat is pale gray, with black rosettes and a black streak along the spine; the underparts are whitish.

Who worshiped the jaguar?

Jaguar Tidbits

The largest American wild cat, the jaguar is sometimes called a panther.
The head and body are massive; the legs are relatively short and thick, which help make the jaguar an adept climber and an excellent swimmer.
Although feared, it rarely attacks humans.
In the pre-Columbian civilizations of Peru and Central America, the Jaguar was worshiped as a god.

Do cheetahs live in groups?

Cheetah: Social Habits and Mating

Cheetahs are solitary animals, except for a female with her cubs.
Mature males generally travel alone, joining females only at mating time.

Where does a Black-footed Cat live?

Black-footed cat- General Facts

Felis nigripes
Size: 2.5-4.5 lb (1-2kg) One of the smallest and lightest of all cats.
Location: uncommon cat of the desert and savannah in southern Africa.
Colorings: light brown with body markings and black patches on the undersides of the feet.

What is a Geoffroy´s ocelot?

Geoffroy's cat (Geoffroy's ocelot)- General Facts

Felis (Leopardus) geoffroyi
Size: 4.5 –8 lb (2-3.5 kg)
Location: A cat of South American upland forests and scrubland found from Bolivia to Patagonia.
Coloring: Gray with small black spots.

How long do tiger cubs stay with their mother?

Social Habits

The tiger is a solitary animal; males and females come together only at mating time. The litter usually numbers two or three cubs, which stay with the mother into their second year.

What is a panther?

See Leopards...

All Panthers are really a color variation of Leopards.
For information, see the Leopard Section.

What is a lion pride?


A group of lions is known as a Pride. Prides consist of one or more family units. The whole Pride may number as many as 30 members.

Where does a Marbled cat live?

Marbled cat – General Facts

Felis (Pardofelis) mamorata
Size: 12lb (5.5 kg)
Location: A rare cat of the forests from Nepal to Indonesia.
Coloring: Light brown with striking pattern of blotches.

Where does a lynx call home?

Lynx Tidbits

Lynx are agile climbers, spending much of their time in good weather on the limbs of trees, waiting for their prey to pass beneath them.
In inclement weather and when breeding, lynx live in caves or in hollow trees or logs.
Two to four kittens make up the average litter.
Lynx are valued for their fur.

What is a Palla´s cat?

Palla's cat (manul)- General Facts

Felis (Ocotocolobus) manul
Size: 7-11 lb (3-5 kg), The cat reaches a maximum length of about 26 inches (65 cm), with a tail about half as long. The skull is flattened and the ears rounded.
Cloring: The soft coat of long fur is orange-gray or yellowish-sliver with stripes on the cheeks, lower back, and the tail.
Location: small wild cat native to the cold, dry regions of central Asia.

How many cubs do jaguars have?

Mating and Lifespan

In the tropical part of their range, jaguars appear to mate in any season. Elsewhere, they mate during the latter part of the year.
After a gestation period of about 100 days, the female bears two to four cubs, which reach maturity at about the age of two.
The jaguar has a life span of about 20 years.

How long to lions live?

Breeding and Life span

Lions are polygamous (more than one mate) and breed every two years in the wild; captive lions breed every year. After a gestation period of about 110 days, two or three cubs are born with thick, spotted coats. Lions in captivity live 25 years or more; in the wild they seldom live more than 10 years, because they are often injured by their prey or by other lions.

Where does the rusty-spotted cat live?

Rusty-spotted cat- General Facts

Felis (Prionailurus) rubiginose
Size: 2.5-4.5 lb (1-2kg)
Location: scrubland & around waterways and human settlements in southern India; and in the forests and woodlands of Sri Lanka
Coloring: a very small cat, rust colored with brown blotches

What other kinds of tigers are there?

Other Tigers

The tigers on the islands of Sumatra, Java, and Bali are smaller than the Bengal tiger and darker in color. Those living on islands have almost disappeared.

How did the caracal get its name?

Caracals: Black Ears…

Somewhat larger than a fox, the caracal has a reddish-brown coat, white belly, and tufts of black hair on the tips of its ears. The name caracal means "black ears" in Turkish.

What is a caracal?

Caracal (caracal lynx)-General Facts

Felis (Caracal) caracal; Also Persian lynx, common name for Felis caracal, a lynxlike member
Size: 35-50 lb (16-23 kg), the largest of the small cats of Africa,
Location: Africa, extending to Arabia and northern India. Found in the desert, savannah, scrub, rocky terrain, and mountains.
Coloring: Reddish-brown with distinctive tufted ears.
Food: Caracals live on small deer, hare, and birds

What is a Bay Cat?

Bay Cat –General Facts

Felis (Pardofelis) badia
Size: 4.5 –7 lb (2-3 kg)
Coloring: Bright reddish-brown. Sometimes called the Bornean Red Cat.
Location: A rare cat found only in Borneo where is inhabits rocky scrub.

How do cheetahs catch their prey?


The body of the cheetah is adapted for taking prey by running rather than by leaping from ambush, as with the leopard.
Cheetahs hunt by sight rather than by smell.
It hunts by day, feeding primarily on antelope.

When do snow leopards hunt?

Snow Leopard Tidbits

The animal is mainly nocturnal.
There are two to four cubs in each litter.
Snow leopards have been over-hunted for their fur and are now endangered.

Where are bobcats found?


The bobcat, Felis (Lynx) rufus, is widespread in the U.S. except for the midwestern Corn Belt, from Canada to central Mexico. They live in most kinds of terrain and vegetation. 15-35 lb (7-16kg), the Bobcat is heavily built with a short tail and a barred & spotted coat.

What is a jagurundi?

Jagurundi (jaguarondi)- General Facts

Felis (Herpailurus) yagouaroundi
Size: 12-22 lb (5.5-10kg) Graceful and rather otter-like in appearance
Location: lowland forest and bush primarily in Central and South America; an endangered species in Southern Texas-USA.
Coloring: plain grey-brown in winter, and plain chestnut-red in summer

What is an ancestor of the modern domestic cat?

Europen Wild cat- General Facts

Felis silvestris
Size: 10-24 lb (4.5-11kg)
Location: all kinds of terrain in Europe and Western Asia
Coloring: black striped tabby, the tail having a rounded black tip
Probably an ancestor of the modern domestic cat.

What do lions eat?

General Facts

Lion- General Facts
Panthera Leo
Size: 300-500 lb (135-225 kg) but may reach 750 lb (340 kg). The male grows to 10 ft (3 m) (including the tail) and 3.3 ft (1m) high.
Location: Found in Africa south of the Sahara Desert and in the Gir Forest of India. They live in most types of terrain.
Coat Coloring: plain tawny brown to help them blend in with the grasses of their home for camoflage. The male is differentiated from the female by the large mane around his neck.
Food: Lions are carnivores-meat eaters. Their prey ranges from insects to giraffes, but they prefer large animals such as zebras, which can be shared by the members of the pride.

How large is a lion´s territory?


The territory size of a lion pride depends on the amount of available prey in the territory. A Pride's territory can range in area from 15 to 150 square miles (40 to 400 sq km).

Where do leopards live?

General Facts

Panthera pardus
Size: 90-150 lb (40-70 kg) The body of an adult is about 4 ft (1.2 m) long, not including the 3-ft (1 m) tail.
Location: Found in all types of terrain, but prefers scrub and forest. The Leopard ranges throughout most of Africa and from Asia Minor through southern Asia to China and Indonesia.
Coloring: Pale brown with spots clustered in rosettes, or very dark brown (black) panther.

What do leopards eat?

Hunting and Food

Hunting and Food
The leopard is an agile climber and will often stalk monkeys in the trees. Leopards will also lie in wait on a limb for some terrestrial animal to pass beneath them.
Leopards hunt mainly at night.
When game is scarce, a leopard will eat field mice, fruit, porcupines, baboons, or crocodiles.

What is a sand cat?

Sand Cat – General Facts

Felis margarita
Size: 4.5-6 lb (2-2.5 kg)
Location: Found in semi-desert regions of North Africa and the Middle East, extending from southern Russia.
Coloring: Plain yellow-brown to gray-brown with ringed tail; hair over the pads

What do lions do all day?


Lions inhabit open savannahs (open grassland/praire) with very little vegetation to act as cover and camoflage. Consequentially, they have evolved an efficient social organization and method of hunting. This eliminates the need to travel great distances for food. Lions generally travel only 5 miles (8 km) and use only two to three hours a day to search for and capture food. They spend the remaining hours loafing and dozing.

What is another name for Asiatic golden Cat?

Temminck's (Asiatic) golden cat- General facts

Felis (Profelis) temmincki
Size: 14-24 lb (6-11kg)
Location: a rare cat of rocky terrain and forests from Tibet and southwestern China to Sumatra.
Coloring: dark golden brown with striking black face markings

What is a pampas cat?

Pampas cat – General Facts

Felis (lynchailurus) colcolor
Size: 8-14 lb (3.5-6.5 kg)
Location: A very rare cat of grassland, scrub and forest in the southern and central parts of South America.
Coloring: Gray-brown with brown spots.

Why do lions roar?

Lion's Roar

The lion's roar, which carries several kilometers, is usually uttered before the animals hunt in the evening and again in the early morning.

What is a Chinese Desert cat?

Chinese desert cat- General Facts

Felis bieti
Size: 12 lb (5.5 kg)
Location: A rare cat found on the steppes and mountains of Mongolia and China.
Coloring: Brownish-yellow with bold markings

What is another name for a puma?

Puma (mountain lion, cougar)-General Facts

Felis (Puma) concolor
Size: 100-130 lb (45-60 kg), its body can be 6 feet (1.8 m) long, not including its long tail.
Location: The puma is found from British Columbia to Patagonia.
Coloring: The thick fur is yellowish-red above, lighter on the sides, and reddish-white on the belly; the muzzle, chin, throat, breast, and insides of the legs are whitish. The head is relatively small, with a black spot above each eye.
Food: Pumas hunt small animals, mainly at night.

Where does the Spanish Lynx live?

Spanish Lynx

Spanish Lynx
Felis (Lynx) pardina, weighs 35-50 lb. (16-23 kg), and is restricted to the remote forests and mountains of Spain and Portugal.
It is distinctively black-spotted.

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