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What did the Chinese use cats for?

Cats in Ancient China

In Ancient China, cats were revered for their ability to rid homes of vermin and pests, but at the same time were also feared for the evil spirits that would accompany them into a home. Ceramic cat figurines were used to ward off the evil spirits, but were used for pratical reasons, as well. Hollowed figurines with a candle inside to make the eyes and mouth glow were used to scare rats away at night,
Book of the Cat

What did cats symbolize in ancient Rome?

Liberty, freedom, cats....

The cat's independence and self-reliance were respected by the Romans, and were used occasionally as pictoral symbols of liberty and freedom. A few sculptures in tombs located in Rome and Gaul depict cats with their owners.
Book of the Cat

What were ancient cats used for?

Ancient Egyptians hunted with cats

Tomb paintings in Egypt show that the cats of antiquity were tabby striped/spotted, and were used in hunting birds and game. Theories suggest that the cats were used to flush game out of the brush.
Book of Cat

Attached to leashes, these animals hunted birds for the family table; a boomerang flung by the master brought the birds down and the cats, unleashed, would retrieve them.

Were there cats at Pompeii?

Cats in Pompeii

Several mosaics depicting cats were found in Pompeii, but the works are considered Egyptian in origin, because no accredited feline remains have been found in the ruins. The mosiacs depicted tabby striped/spotted cats.
Book of the Cat

When is the earliest mention of cats?

Ancient Egypt

In Anciet Egypt, from 1580–390 BC, cats were held in high esteem due to the sect associated with Bast, a female goddess with the head of a cat. They lived lives of leisure, protected by law, and were embalmed after their death. In the late 19th century, 300,000 feline mummies were found at the site of Ben Hasai. Unfortunately, most of those mummies were exported back to England as fertilizer. The Book of the Cat

What are the facts around evil changeling cats?

Evil Changeling Cats

Japanese mythology tells of evil changeling cats that would murder princesses and assume their forms in order to cast evil spells on the princes of the realm.
The Everything Cat Book

Who created the pet door?

Newton's cats

Sir Issac Newton is credited with creating the cat door or cat flap for the convenience of his pets.
Book of Cat

Why did Chinese peasants keep cats?

Cats as Chinese Pest Controllers

Chinese farmers and peasants revered the cat, because they protected the crops and food stores from rats and other pests. Some evidence suggests there was actually a feline diety known as Li Shou which was worshipped as a divine pest controller.
Book of the Cat

Where did the long haired cats come from?

Ancestor of the long haired cats

According to some authorities, the long-haired breeds may have sprung from the Asian wildcat, F. manul. Infopedia

Were there cats in ancient India?

Cats in India

Records of cats can be found two ancient Indian great epics: 'Ramayana' and 'Mahadharata' which predate 500 BC. The Hindu and Parsee religions respected all forms of life and were sympathetic towards cats, so feeding them was expected of all good Hindus.
Book of the Cat

What is the ancestor of shorthaired cats?

Evolution of the Shorthair Cat

Most authorities believe that the short-haired breeds are derived from the Caffre cat, F. libyca, a species of African wildcat domesticated by the ancient Egyptians perhaps as early as 2500 BC and transported by the Crusaders to Europe, where it interbred with the indigenous smaller wildcats.

How did domesticated cats get to Europe from Egypt?

Out of Egypt and to Europe

It is believed that the spread of cats from Egypt to the Mediterranean area and Europe is a result of Phonecian traders ignoring Egyptian laws and smuggling them out. Cats did not attain as high a stature in Greece or Rome because those cultures already had vermin catchers in domesticated weasels, martens and/or polecats.

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