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How old do kittens need to be when you start weaning them?


You can start weaning the kittens at 4 weeks old. The best way to do this is to simulate a mother's actions. At four weeks, the mother will start leaving the nest/den for longer periods of time, and stretch the time between feedings. She will also start bringing fresh kills into the den for the litter to smell and investigate. No, you don't need to give the kittens raw meat, but you should start giving them moistened Kitten Food in between their formula feedings. I suggest you soak the Kitten food in the milk formula you have used for the last 4 weeks. During the 5th week you can add a bowl of dry food along with the moistened.
The kittens should be eating solid food, and not looking for the eye dropper (formula) at 6 weeks old.
I recommend keeping the kittens together until they are 8 weeks old.



3/19/2007 3:27:09 PM
Leo Turner said:

the mother cat will know when to wean them

3/29/2007 12:44:15 PM
KK said:

No one should wean a kitten except the mother cat - and they do it between 10 and 14 weeks!

4/11/2007 11:10:29 AM
Melissa Mize said:

I thought this tip was very helpful and I learned a lot from this and other tips. I hope you will keep making good tips. Thanks !P

6/22/2007 8:18:49 AM
morgangrantham said:

I think that you can get a kitten even if he/she is under 8 weeks old


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