Kitten Proofing your home

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What steps should I take before bringing my kitten home?

Kitten Proofing your home

New parents know to child proof their home; you should kitten/cat proof your home also. Almost everything you would do to child proof a home should be done to make your home safe for your pets. The most obvious things involve securing poisons, cleaning supplies, and all types of medicine out of reach. You should secure all electrical and computer cords in such a manner that they won't tempt Kitty to play with them. In addition, you should eliminate all other temptations to misbehave. Baskets full of fluffy feathers or decorative grasses are a perfect toy; don't be angry if kitty destroys them. Put those delicate knick knacks away for a few months while your new kitty adjusts to your home and learns the rules.



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