Why change the litter's bedding?

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How often should I change the bedding in my cat´s ´nursery?´

Why change the litter's bedding?

This is one of three important reasons to change the bedding in your litter's nursery every 2-3 days. If you keep the bedding clean, the kittens learn NOT to use the bedding for their bathroom. This will make sandbox training much easier.
I created two sets of bedding: one was in the litter's nursery, while the other would air dry on the clothes line for a couple of days. I never washed the bedding, just rinsed it and air dried it. Laundry detergents' chemicals and scents could be too strong for kittens.



7/26/2007 10:22:01 AM
judy said:

are towels all right for new born kittens ?


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