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Cat Behavior

Twitter: @BehaviorCat

The Cat Behavior Twitter allows you to figure out if your kitty's antics are strange or common. If your cat has issues of aggressiveness, you can also get tips to remedy this here.

Cat Care Society

Twitter: @CatCareSociety

Denver's Cat Care Society provides care for animals in the area. You can also attend weekend seminars on helpful topics like vaccines.

Cat Health Tips

Twitter: @CatHealthTips

This tweeter posts all sorts of tips for modifying your cat's behavior and its diet. If your feline needs to lose weight or if you don't know how often your cat needs a checkup, this account will help.


Twitter: @BestCatLitter

This account focuses on cat care that any owner can appreciate. Example posts include where to keep lint rollers for cat hair removal and keeping kitty's weight in check.

Wonder Cat Rescue

Twitter: @WonderCatRescue

Wonder Cat Rescue gives abandoned cats a home in the San Francisco area. If you want to adopt a cat, this tweeter features pictures and background of kitties looking for a family.


Twitter: @Purina

This popular food brand offers advice on taking the best care of your kitty. If you have a dog, then this account will appeal to you as well.

Cat Tips

Twitter: @CatTipps

If you want funny care tidbits in 140 characters or less, then try this Twitter account. For example, the account hilariously warns that if you are a first-time owner, you shouldn't have anything valuable in the house for at least 12 years.

Cats Rule the World!

Twitter: @powerofcats

If you want a funny account to check out after a long day, this tweeter will make you happy. It features pictures, jokes, and other amusing cat tidbits.

The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee


Sometimes you just want to have fun on a blog. Try this one for adorable photos of foster kitties.

The Healthy Pet


Covers everything from behavior to bathing your cat

Tales from A Cat Vet


Want to find out what it’s like to herd cats? Try Tales from A Cat Vet.

Paws and Effect: A Blog By Cats, For Cats and Their People


Great articles on cat/human interactions, and pet rescue resources by cats and Jane Kelley, "Webmaster and Chief Cat Slave".

Veterinarian Advice Online


This blog has has great information, including a section on biting cats.

Pet 360


This blog contains great articles – click on the “Cat” tab for everything from playing with cats to how to treat their cancer.

Ask the Cat Doctor


Got a pregnant cat or new kitten? Ask the Cat Doctor for help.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)


This blog has lists of adoptable cats, shelters, and information on rescue cats.

Cat Inspired Crafts by Susana Piana

Pinterest: @susyq1216/cat-inspired-crafts

This board is filled with numerous craft projects for cat lovers. Some of the many projects found in this collection include cat pillows, numerous quilt patterns, candle making ideas, and stuffed animals.

Cat Crafts by Merrily Me

Pinterest: @merrilyme/cat-crafts

This board has a wonderful collection of felt and clay inspired by the feline spirit.

Cat Inspired Fashion & Jewelry by Chestnut Hill Cat Clinic

Pinterest: @chcatclinic/cat-inspired-fashion-jewelry

This board has everything from earrings, bracelets, rings, apparel to nail designs. Purrfect for the cat loving fashionista.

Cat Lovers by Felipe Cofre Lazo

Pinterest: @felipecofrelazo/cat-lovers

A collection of beautiful photographs capturing sweet moments between human and feline.

Cat Lovers by Pam Hynes

Pinterest: @karkena/cat-lovers

This board is a ray of sunshine bringing joy through pictures of adorable kittens.

Cat Lover by Antonella Bellardi

Pinterest: @absolutbellardi/cat-lover

Captures the mesmerizing twinkle in each cat’s glance whether fierce, playful or full of love.

Cat Art Inspiration by Amelia Lyman

Pinterest: @amelia40/cat-art-inspiration

This board explores cat themed art.

Cat Lover by Tina Golf

Pinterest: @tina4ks/cat-lover

A delightful array of photographs featuring the feline. Each photograph is adorned with funny captions

PetFinder Blog


Come here to find a cat, which includes a state-specific searchable database.

Cat Inspirations by Andrea Marie

Pinterest: @ann123marie/cat-inspirations

An excellent portfolio of a variety of cat themed sewing projects.

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