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Funny Cat Vines 2014

Wondering how to make a funny cat vine? Take inspiration from this compilation.

Cute Cats Feel Guilty

Cats have consciences too.

Funniest Cats HQ

Cats perceive almost everything as a threat, especially cameras.

Funny cats in water, EPIC

Not all cats hate water.

Cat loves Baby AWW

The sooner your baby and cat bond, the better.

Cat Opens Door For Puppies

Resourceful cat opens the door to let puppies into the house.

Kitty Eats With Fork

Watch this awesome cat with better table manners than most people.

Kido's First Shell Game

Cat correctly picks out the cup hiding the ball- every time.

Kittens and a Box (Homemade Free Toy)

Watch this adorable two kittens playing with a home made toy. An amazing and hilarious video and an amazing DIY project for any cat owner.

Siamese Cat Plays Fetch

What a dog can do, a cat can do too: Watch this cat play fetch and fantasize about catching birds through a window.

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