Kitty Toy Box or Cat Entertainment

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How do I keep my cat´s toys from being scattered all over?

Kitty Toy Box or Cat Entertainment

Children have a box to keep their toys in, your cat or kitten should have a place for their cat toys too. It helps you keep track of their cat toys & to check for safety hazards, and provides another fun game for your pet.

Periodically, once a day may drive you nuts, you should collect Kitty's toys into one place. This helps the tidy appearance of your home, but it also give Kitty something to do: drag another cat toy out of the box.

By gathering the cat toys up, you can inspect them for safety hazards such as loose strings Kitty could accidently swallow.

Any type of container will do for a 'toy box.' When choosing a 'toy box' for kittens, consider making it shallow, so it is easier for your kitten to pull things out. For an adult cat, the size of the box is not as important, and don't be surprised if your cat plays inside the toy box as much as the toys in the box, just like children. You can think of the toy box as "cat entertainment".



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