Controling symptoms with cleaning

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I have allergies to cats, what can I do?

Controling symptoms with cleaning

You and your doctor have determined that you are allergic to your pet kitty, now you face the challenge of controlling the symptoms so you can keep him.
First of all, regular dusting and vacuuming are recommended to continuously remove allergens. Clean surfaces with a solution that is un-scented, or hypo allergenic to prevent irritation (simple solutions such as a baking soda/water combo, or even Simple Green).
Removing cloth window coverings and carpet are some of the more radical measures, since they trap allergens.
One last suggestion is to purchase an air purifier/filter for your home. Purchasing a purifier with an ionizer is recommended. All that cleaning and dusting will de-ionize the air in your home thus making it more difficult for human lungs to exchange the oxygen.



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