Cat Leaves Bad Odor

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My fixed, one-year-old female cat leaves a bad odor where ever she lays. This is not connected to urine in any way. Her bad odor will wake me from a sound sleep as she loves to cuddle up on my shoulder at night. How can I prevent this bad odor on her?

Cat Leaves Bad Odor

A cat with a continuing odor problem may have a hidden abscess. Cats are very good at hiding problems, and you must be extremely careful to check for hidden lumps or bumps. If your cat goes outdoors, it is at risk of getting into fights with other cats (even females can fight) or being attacked by dogs or wild animals.

Sometimes abscesses or infection hide in the mouth. You may not see an obvious problem, but when your cat grooms herself, she's actually transferring bad-smelling bacteria and toxins to her fur. A good first step is a veterinary check-up. Your vet can look deep into the mouth and determine if there is an underlying issue, or if there is another medical cause. A course of antibiotics may be able to clear up the problem.



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