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What does hissing mean? Why do cats hiss?


When a cat hisses, its whole face and head pull back from its mouth: the whiskers, ears, everything pulls back away from the mouth.
Hissing is one of the first warning calls of a cat to tell their 'opponent' to back off.
When a cat hisses at you, slowly move away from the cat-do not turn your back to it.



1/15/2007 3:24:14 PM
jill w said:

thankyou! after much searching of the web you have covered what i needed to know!

12/7/2008 1:16:25 AM
rachel said:

well, i tried, then came back to pet him 3 days later and he still hisses at me and my family. he growls, bites, scratches, and hisses. what in the world do i do?

5/3/2009 4:46:04 PM
ch said:

I actually have a question .Isnt there a way to get Your cat to stop hissing??what about a water bottle spray??

8/2/2009 10:46:31 AM
MB said:

To correct a "bad" behavior, I will sometimes use a hissing sound with or without other corrective means such as water bottle. I think that the cats respond to this sound.

8/11/2009 4:50:08 PM
cierra said:

why cant you turn your back. and what dose it mean

7/6/2011 12:26:16 AM
jenna said:

My cat has been hissing a lot...but at her self. She has always attacked her back leg..but it has gotten progessively worse. Now @ 3 years old..she is engaging on a full battle against her leg! She growls, bites and hisses @ it...what can I do?


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