Food, food and more food

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What should I do for my cat in winter?

Food, food and more food

With the temperatures dropping, your cat will notice the change even inside. You should be prepared for changes your cat's body makes in response to the changing seasons. They gain weight; their coat gets thicker; their activity increases.
One of the first things you should notice, is that your cat is eating more; up to 25% more than in warm months. Be sure to keep the crunchy bowl full or try a dispenser. They are inexpensive, available at any department or pet store, and make it much easier to keep food out at all times.



7/22/2007 2:58:23 PM
Brenda said:

I read all tips and learned alot and got some new insights into careing for my outdoor young cat which someone "dropped off". Historically I've been a dog person. Thanks.

12/12/2007 4:50:40 PM
elliot said:

it works i am a runescape master (just joking runescape is for nerds) it is a good tip


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