Warm, dry shelter

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What kind of winter shelter should I provide for my cat?

Warm, dry shelter

If you must keep your cat outside, or you manage a feral colony, now is the time to create suitable shelters for your cats. Although some people think cats won't use some sort of house, I know that a cat will find, and defend a place that is warm and dry during the cold winter months.
Shelters with small round openings-those just big enough for a cat to fit into, will attract them quicker. This gives them security that nothing larger than themselves can come into the shelter; it will be easier to defend when they are inside, and the small opening will help keep the wind and precipatiation out.
GURU'S NOTE: Be sure to have some means of changing the bedding; such as some sort of trap door, or a removable top.



2/9/2007 4:20:57 PM
kaitlyn said:

What should the house be made out of.


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