Lessen the defensive posturing

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How do I stop my cats from fighting?

Lessen the defensive posturing

To help lessen the defensive posturing between housemates, take steps to make the cats smell similar to each other.
Rub talcum powder on each cat or spritz cologne on your hands and when it is dry pet both cats (don't put the cologne directly on the cat-their noses are much more sensitive than humans). You should use the same grooming tools (combs, brushes, towels, mits) on both cats to transfer their scents to one another.



9/10/2007 2:37:16 PM
Karen said:

I have spent hundreds in vet bills because I am dealing with a cat that is not neutered and my cat is, my cat is very territorial and the two cats are always fighting at least five times a week. My cat is an outdoor/indoor cat. I just don't know what to do to prevent this. They just hate each other. Would welcome any comments


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