Kitty's Boredom

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How can I help my cat´s boredom while I´m gone?

Kitty's Boredom

Anything and everything you can do to help Kitty's boredom while you are gone will help him. Quite possibly it will help you to prevent him from destroying something out of boredom.
Get a toy box to contain his toys so he can pull them out and play with them.
A new toy that he hasn't seen.
An outdoor bird feeder and bird bath, or squirrel feeder.
Set a radio or tv on a timer to come on for an hour or two to give Kitty some human noise.
You can call and leave messages on the answering machine, so Kitty hears your voice.
These may seem silly, but they will greatly help ease your cat's boredom and the stress of being left alone for a few days.



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