Tools You Need for Longhaired Cats

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What types of combs and brushes should I get for my long haired cat?

Tools You Need for Longhaired Cats

Here is a cat grooming tip for your long haired cat: Owners of longhaired cats will attest to the absolute necessity of grooming your long hair cat daily. The dreaded mats are more than unsightly, they are a nuisance and difficult to remove-some requiring a trip to the vet with anesthesia and minor surgery.

There are 5 different types of cat grooming supplies suggested for long haired cats: wide toothed comb, wire brush and bristle brush combination, metal comb with both long and short teeth, slicker brush, and a toothbrush. Each tool has its own step and all are used in the grooming of a longhaired cat.

Recommended by Paddy Cutts in 'The Complete Cat Book'



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