Steps to Grooming a Persian Cat

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How do a brush a long haired/Persian Cat?

Steps to Grooming a Persian Cat

Step by Step cat grooming methods for a long haired or Persian cat or kitten:

1. Use the wide toothed or a comb with alternating long/short teeth to comb the coat backward from the way it lies. For heavy thick coats, you may need to do this in small parts. Make certain you comb all the way to the undercoat to loosen and straighten and knots or tangles. Always use extra care when grooming the belly and rear sensitive areas.

2. Use a baby powder or unscented talcum powder next, to help the brushes ease through the fur by separating each hair. Sprinkle the powder onto the cat's coat and work in with your fingers. Never use a heavily scented powder as this could irritate your cat's sensitive nose, and/or cause allergic reactions.

3. Brush the coat well using first the wire side of the combination brush. Be gentle as the wire bristles can break delicate hair. Use short strokes that move out from the body in a fluffing motion.

4. Then use the bristle brush to lay the fur back to its natural lie.

5. Use the toothbrush to groom the facial area.

6. The slicker brush can be omitted, if desired. It is used mainly on the tail and back end to add the extra fluffiness for shows.

Paraphrased from: The Complete Cat Book, by Paddy Cutts



2/5/2009 9:57:25 PM
P said:

Nobody seems to talk about this but, I've noticed big bulky brushes make it hard to brush the underside and small areas of smaller animals like small cats and dogs. Even on an animal that is used to lots of handling and grooming a smaller brush makes it easier to get certain places. I not talking about tooth brush small, just armpit, legs and paws small.

10/7/2009 3:07:19 PM
Heather said:

If baby powder is to be used it is VERY important that it first should be placed in the hand (turn bottle upside down and help very very close to hand) and then applied to the cat's coat, never shaken directly from the container onto the cat's coat. This prevents the cat from breathing in the talc dust, which is unhealthy. It is the same concept that as medical professionals we recommend for babies.

4/14/2015 1:44:16 AM
Kerry Stansbury said:

"Never Ever" use Talcum/Baby powder on a cat!!!!!! It's bad enough that they will breathe some in, which is bad for their lungs, but they lick their coat and will ingest it.


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