Serval- General Facts

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What is a serval?

Serval- General Facts

Felis (Leptailurus) serval
Size: 30-40 lb (13.5-18kg), with a slender body 4 ft (1 m) long and 20 inches (50 cm) high at the shoulder; a small head with long triangular ears, long legs and a short tail
Location: Algeria and Africa-south of the Sahara Desert- inhabiting grasslands and brush country of sub-Saharan Africa, but always near water.
Color: Buff-colored with black spots in rows down its back and legs
Food: small mammals, lizards, and birds, although it is powerful enough to kill young antelope.
It hunts by speed rather than stealth and climbs trees well.
When captured young, servals can be tamed but they are difficult to raise.



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