Training an Adult Cat to be Brushed

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How do you train an adult cat to be brushed?

Training an Adult Cat to be Brushed

Here's a good cat grooming tip if your adult cat hates to be brushed, but is a necessary fact of life, especially in the warm seasons. With persistance, consistancy and patience, you can train your adult cat to be brushed.

Make it a routine, if you haven't already, to pet/groom your cat. Every day at the same time, pet your cat or kitten for several minutes. That action alone will help remove hair and help straighten it.

When Kitty comes to you to be groomed/petted, start using an oven mitten or a cotton rag wrapped around your hand.

Eventually, purchase a groomers mit. That is a specialty type of mit used to help remove fur. Once Kitty is accustomed to the groomers mit, start alternating your touch with the groomers mit, with a brush. Put the mit on one hand, and a brush in the other; alternate between the two. Once you are at this level for a few days, you should be able to groom Kitty with the brush. Slowly decrease the number of 'pets' with the mit and increase the number of 'pets' with the brush.

Once Kitty is tolerating the brush, I would suggest you start with the mit and then switch to the brush in Kitty's daily routine. That will help him to feel like he is being 'loved' and not just brushed.



6/16/2011 12:46:03 PM
Mr. Peepers said:

is a 14 year old Persian who has never liked to be brushed or combed. He has been a part of our home for three months; the carpet it spotted with residue from his "accidents" from regurgitating fur balls. I am desperate. The steps mentioned here may be our salvation. A groomer's mit sounds like the solution. The steps mentioned here sound very doable. I will post again after a month to report on success or frustration. Thank you.


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