Kitty Growls, Hisses and Chases his tail

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How do I know if my cat has intestinal parasites?

Kitty Growls, Hisses and Chases his tail

Certain internal parasites and worms can cause your pet enough distress and discomfort to cause them to behave very strangely. Cats will growl and hiss at their back, chase their tails, attack the base of their tail and run around erratically, if the internal parasites are really bothering them. A quick trip to the vet can eliminate this minor health issue.
Also, stress can cause this strange behavior, and can lead to other more severe behaviors if it isn't adequately addressed. If this is the case, you need to take measures to eliminate the stressor, or help your cat manage their stress.
Either way, take your cat to the vet to determine the cause of this behavior.



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