Catch Him in the Act When Marking

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How do I stop my cat from marking my belongings?

Catch Him in the Act When Marking

You've cleaned his previous markings, and the markings of other cats. You've applied a citrus scented solution to further deter your kitty's marking behavior.
Now you need to use Corrective Measures when you see him marking something. A water pistol, a loud noise, or a firm 'NO' when you actually see him marking something is a last resort to stopping this behavior. You must eliminate the 'trigger' to his marking, or it will do no good to correct him.
Never use Corrective Measures, if you don't actually catch him in the act of marking. This will not stop the unwanted behavior, because he doesn't associate the Corrective Measure with the unwanted behavior.
You will find those more tips on Corrective Measures in Answers for Common Problems: General Training and Correcting a Bad Kitty.



7/21/2007 9:06:26 PM
carole said:

I have a one year old tabby cat she has been spayed and has just started urinating in my kitchen sink and the shower she has always been trained to go out side Why? has she started doing this

9/7/2007 3:51:33 AM
richard said:

One of my cats.(not sure which one)has started urinating over their food bowls. Has anybody any reason why. Both are 8 yrs old


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