Eliminate the Food Supply

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How do I get rid of indoor insect pests without poisoning them?

Eliminate the Food Supply

Cats can be accidentally poisoned from eating a bug who was poisoned. There are some tips I use to keep the bugs out of the house without the threat of poisoning my kitties with bug spray.

The most important thing I've done is to put all of my Pantry food stuffs in Plastic, glass or metal containers, and get them out of the cardboard boxes/paper they are packaged in. Roach eggs can be carried in the flaps of food boxes, and/or the pests can lay their eggs in these flaps once they get to your home.

Initially, I could have bought stock in the Rubbermaid company, I bought so many plastic storage boxes. Since then I've added rubber seal stopper jars, gallon Pickle jars from concession stands and institutional kitchens; I bought a vacuum sealer and several cases of canning jars, and steel/aluminum canisters.
The concept is: if they can't get to the food, they won't come in.



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