Cleaning cats teeth

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What can I do to maintain my cat´s healthy teeth?

Cleaning cats teeth

Here's a cat grooming tip that will make a big difference in your cat or kitten's oral health. The key to getting your cat to tolerate having his teeth brushed is to do it in small steps over time and to be patient and encouraging. Try to brush several times a week with a child's toothbrush or a fingertip brush and a toothpaste designed for pets.

Regular cleanings under anesthesia by your vet is important to address problems at the root line. Left unchecked, plaque buildup on teeth can ultimately cause infections that can lead to tooth loss, make eating painful, and puts your cats internal organs under pressure, therefore causing illness and premature aging.



4/14/2015 2:03:58 AM
Kerry Stansbury said:

If you only feed you cat dry food (which is the only kind you should feed your cat) You will never have to brush it's teeth. If you think you are being nice to your cat by feeding it canned food or human food, you are mistaken, It is bad for their teeth, their digestive system and they will get fat. An occasional cat treat or a can of tuna once in a great while is OK, but don't do it on a regular basis.


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