Controling Kitty's Paws

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How do I keep my kitty´s paws off of things?

Controling Kitty's Paws

To teach your kitty where she can & cannot put her paws, gently take a hold of her paw and remove it from the no-no area. Then put the paw where you want her to be. For instance, when my cats put their paws on the table during mealtime, I gently encompass the paw in my hand and put it back on their place mat in their chair. (See Keeping Kitty off the Table). Cats naturally don't like their paws to be held, so this is a gentle means of teaching them. Be persistent, and consistent, and they will learn what you want.
This will work with scratching on furniture, also.



9/25/2011 11:46:05 PM
Neko said:

Weird.. my cat sleeps with her paw in my palm :S


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