Stop the biting

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How do I stop my cat from biting me?

Stop the biting

I am a firm believer in understanding a behavior, before I try to alter it. If your kitten is biting, understand why-first-before you try to stop her. If it is just play time, I don't try to correct it unless it continues for more than three weeks. After that, when the kitten bites, gently grab their bottom jaw so that you are 'biting back.' Don't let go until the kitten is beginning to panic. This is one way to gently let them know you are the boss, and biting is not a good thing to do to you.



12/7/2006 8:17:19 AM said:

I have a problem with my cat biting. When I pet her she will some time turn real quick and try to bite me. The only time she will let me pet her without doing this is when we are in bed. Sometimes she does it then.

11/18/2007 11:34:02 AM
betty lou said:

i have the same problem with my cat i pet him and he just attacks! i tried this method and it worked great!


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