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How do I stop my cat from biting me?

More tips on biting

Some older cats will feel the need to test you. They will bite, and even attack your hand to see how well you trust them. DON'T PANIC! If the cat is not drawing blood, they may be testing you. Try to leave your hand in place until the cat withdraws, then slowly pull your hand back. If a cat's ears are laid back, they hiss or growl, then the cat is angry or afraid and you should slowly back away. Jerking your hand back will seem like an attack to the cat.



10/6/2006 10:59:24 PM
Sonya said:

Great advice, except what if the cat IS drawing blood?? My 9 year old cat seems to have taken up biting as a new pasttime since the sudden passing of her cat partner in June. She almost always breaks skin when she bites, and is never provoked. What to do??


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