Getting Kitty into the Pet Carrier

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How do I get my cat into the Pet Carrier?

Getting Kitty into the Pet Carrier

Cat Travel - It's time to travel to the vet to update shots, or for altering, or -oh no!- an injury or illness. Now you have the daunting task of getting your cat or kitten into the cat carrier.

Place the Carrier, with the door propped open, on the bed, or someplace where the cat feels comfortable. Hide the carrier under a blanket or towel. Now, turn him around backwards so he can't see the Carrier and gently place him inside and close the door.

If your cat is too big to easily and gently put him inside the carrier, have someone hold him still while petting and talking to him. Then you slide the pet carrier up and around him from behind, while your friend keeps his head busy with love and affection.



8/6/2008 1:02:29 PM
Rich said:

Try adding a pillow or towel on the floor of the cage. Leave it open and around the house. They will find it, because they love places to hide from time to time. Our cat loved her caged, we'd open the door and walk away. A few minutes later she was in the cage ready to go. :)


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